Address: 10530 Wilson St, Bonita Springs, FL 34135 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 1AM Mon Updated by business 2 weeks ago Menu: Phone: (239) 992-2233 Loaded with Old Florida History, The Survey Cafe is a quaint, mostly outdoor cafe set in the heart of scenic Downtown Bonita Springs. With a relaxed atmosphere, outstanding food, and good prices, this place is one of our absolute favorites on for breakfast or lunch. They have also started seating tables for dinner on a limited basis during season on the weekends. Survey Cafe adapted its name from the historic name of Bonita Springs. It was so named because a group of surveyors made camp here in the 1870s, and of the few things they left behind, the name “Survey” stuck. At least until land developer named Ragsdale bought up 2,400 acres surrounding “Surveyor’s Creek”, now known as the Imperial River, and decided that the name Bonita Springs had more of a ring to it. A city was planned and by 1940, the building we now lovingly sit around and enjoy coffee was a home to a family of “early” SWFloridians. the salmon flatbread is homemade smoked. This meal single handedly revived my love of breakfast .

The “Not So French Toast” comes in close second, and is especially ironic now that the joint is owned by a French woman who fell in love with Survey Cafe , She evidently just took her love a step farther. The wraps and breakfast sandwiches are great, and absolutely everything is made from scratch–hence the long wait. Step inside and you realize that everything is a whole lot easier to love with that island feel Survey Cafe provides. Time slows down, cats wander in search of a dropped piece of salmon, couples young and old bring dogs big and small to sip coffee, pick at muffins, and forget about anything other than the current moment. Just another sunny Florida morning at the Survey Cafe. Video produced by Guerilla Media.