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Based in Naples, Florida, MovMnt Spine & Rehab’s revolutionary five-step protocol brings healing and freedom to patients throughout Southwest Florida. We provide access to our innovative, research-based techniques. Our five-step protocol combines Chiropractic BioPhysics and the Pettibon System, among other techniques, to allow for patients to regain their optimum health. This integrative approach reflects the latest technology and advancements in spinal rehabilitation and postural corrections. MOVMNT’s core values are to help each and every patient achieve their goals and to live life to the fullest. What kind of life do you live? The spine brings life to the entire body and all of its systems and organs; the spinal cord protects the spine and by default, the entire body. In order for the body to perform and function at its best, certain angles of the head, neck, upper back, and lower back must be achieved and maintained.
If you are accepted as a patient at MovMnt Spine & Rehab, we will give our expert recommendations to help achieve the most amount of correction in the least amount of time. By restoring these angles, you are restoring health to your body’s system and providing relief to a whole host of illnesses. When you achieve these optimum angles, the body has the ability to heal itself naturally. Though this is true for most people, we will not waste your time and money. If there is a facility or treatment better suited for your health needs, we will partner with you to help you achieve wellness. Put your health into perspective. Are you living your life at the optimum level? Are there experiences you miss out on because of pain or illness? If you want to be able to achieve and maintain optimum health, contact MovMnt Spine & Rehab for long-term healing and a lifetime of freedom to truly live