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You already know that Guerilla Media creates custom video content for your business for Television, Websites, Social media, Email, Mobile Marketing, and More… This Monkey’s Uncle has some very exciting news for you! Our goal, our main banana is to provide you with the best services to help you BE VISIBLE! To fully extend our visibility service we have partnered with imageProjektions/imagePro365 Pro Print and Design to provide you and your business with all you need to be brand visible.
From a logo for your new business and everything that comes after that to an existing company brand refresh; we now provide all of that.

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Branding and Visibility Services

  • Creative Design
  • Identity Package Creation 
  • Full Print Collateral Design and Fullfillment
  • Web Design and Secure Hosting
  • e-Commerce Development and PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Onsite SEO for both Web and eCommerce Sites
  • Large Format Print for Banners, Signage, and Other Business Visibility Products
  • Trade Show Visibility Products and Trade Show Booth Design and Fabrication

Guerilla Media and imagePro365 

imageProjektions imagePro365 Pro Print and Design Guerilla media is your trusted best in class film and television production company 

Complete Visibility for Your Business or Cause

Guerilla media is your trusted best in class film and television production company

At Guerilla Media

We make alot of references about Your Monkey's Uncle. All in good fun and this Monkey's Uncle has your best interests at heart. We pride ourselves on knowing our business inside and out and then getting to know your business so we can be the very best promotional tool the likes your customers have ever seen. We are the Wow in your Wow Factor and that let's you be Awesome! Come hang out with your Monkey's Uncle at Guerilla Media and see what a difference quality video makes.